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Eric Ferguson, G3 Takeout

"Best experience I've ever had with a video marketing company."

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Featured Project

A heartwarming story goes viral overnight. 

The Forsyth County Humane Society turned to Bentley Media to help spread awareness and generate interest in their no-kill animal shelter. Bentley Media produced story films about their exceptional volunteers and executed a video marketing strategy that organically generated tens of thousands of views and and hundreds of interactions on social media. 

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"He made my nerves go away about being on camera. I didn't know that could be done."

Gail Turner-Cooper, Align Health Coaching
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"I couldn't wait to spread our amazing video all over town!"

Lauren Schultheiss, Big Creek Travel
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"I was blown away when I looked at my first cut. It was amazing."

Andre Mitchell, Love The Lord Inc.
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   No digital marketing
   Minimal creative strategy
   Questionable quality
   Little to no ROI

Bentley Media

   Marketing professionals
   Exemplary creative strategy
   Cinematic quality
   Measurable ROI

Better than a videographer

When you hire a videographer, you will receive a video file and that's about it. Videographers typically are not marketing professionals — leaving you in the dust when it comes to determining what type of video would attract your target customers.

At Bentley Media, we continue to raise the bar as a strategic video marketing partner. In the past five years alone, we've partnered with over 100 brands nationwide to get their video content seen by millions.

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